Android 14 Introduces ‘Passkey’ to Replace Passwords, Opening Third-Party Access


With Android 14, the passkey feature will be accessible to third-party apps through the Identity Manager API. This shift means biometric methods will replace traditional passwords.

Android apps will soon have the passkey feature. In a developer blog post, Google announced that it would open up a new application programming interface (API) called Identity Manager for storing identity information like usernames and passwords, as well as passkeys specific to Android. Identity Manager, which has been in developer preview for months, consolidates passkeys, traditional passwords, and biometric authentication under one roof.

Google recently announced in another blog post that it would retire different authentication APIs and that Identity Manager would be the go-to for authentication moving forward. This will simplify the integration of passkeys into third-party applications.


What is a passkey?

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Passkeys are a new technology that replaces traditional passwords with your phone’s authentication systems, such as Face ID and fingerprint readers, allowing you to log in to services like Gmail and iCloud.

Companies like Apple and 1Password already utilize the passkey feature. With Google’s move, we hope to see the widespread adoption of easier and more secure authentication methods with passkeys in the Android ecosystem.

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